Gardening Gloves [GR-SV-701]



Material: first layer of sheepskin + second layer of cowhide

1. Forearm protection function – Forearm leather gardening gloves made of cowhide material can effectively protect your hands and arms when gardening. These heavy-duty gloves feature durable padding and puncture-resistant construction, and can easily handle rose bushes and other prickly plants. Pruning gloves are suitable for professionals and amateurs, providing flexible, comfortable and reliable protection.

2. Durable structure – With a full-grain goatskin structure, stab-resistant gloves are essential for heavy yard work. Using reinforced padded palms made of sheepskin, thorns, prickly stems, sharp sticks, burrs, etc. are easily deflected.

3. Protection and flexibility – Outdoor gloves use elbow-length split cowhide cuffs to completely cover your forearms, providing strong protection you can trust. The ergonomic thumb can easily operate the tool, and the overall flexible design can be easily moved while you are working.

4. Gardening gifts-beautiful gardening gloves with adjustable tightness, suitable for strong or slender arms of women and men, easy to wear, great gardening gifts.


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